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8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

8 Priceless Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs

If you travel at all with with your clubs, you should take a look at this post and the 8 simple steps you can take to protect your sticks. It should save you some time and gives you a better chance of your clubs making it to its final destination at the same time you do and in one piece. Traveling is stressful enough that you shouldn’t also have to worry about your clubs as well.

1. Travel Bag: There are two basic choices – hard or soft sided bag. I know people that habe used and travel with both but have only personally owned a soft sided bag. The hard bag offers more protection but they are not as functional outside of that. They have zero “give” and can be tough to fit in your car and tote around. From what I have heard I will not get a hard bag even if its means giving up a little protective quality.

I recommend a high quality soft sided bag. And when I say high quality I mean do not hold back at all – you will be happy you did not cut any corners. Club Glove makes the best travel bags out there hands down. Stick with the wheeled versions or you will regret it the first time you have to move it any more than a couple feet. Their “Last Bag” is used by many of the PGA Pros if that gives you any idea of quality. The are not the cheapest ones out there but there is a reason for that. Do you really want to cram $1500+ of equipment in a cheap, flimsy bag? I know I don’t!

2. Protect Your Driver – What was that? Your a cheap skate but still want some decent protection? Another option from their catalog is the Stiff Arm. It is an adjustable crutch that protects your long clubs if your bag gets dropped on their heads. You simply extend the stiff arm to a height 1-2″ longer than your longest club. It only cost $26.95 and is a great way to insure your clubs make it in one piece. My dad actually does double duty and has the Last Bag and uses the Stiff Arm with this bag. I believe this is actually better then using a hard case but will still not be cover by the airlines if damaged.

3. Mark Your Territory – Do not really on those cheap paper tags you get at the airport. Put a tag that is laminated and secure it well to your travel bag. I actually have 2 on my travel bag just for good measure. To be on the safe side, I also have one on my clubs on the inside so if the baggage people have a field day with my equipment or it gets ripped entirely off, they can still find me. If you are without clubs or loss clubs, save the rental receipts and cost of your clubs and the airline should reimburse you.

4. Pack extra clothing – a rain suit, for instance or extra towels around the heads of your clubs for extra cushioning and protection. Make sure no to leave any valuables in your bag. If you own a range finder or GPS, you will want to pack those in your carry on. If you are going on a major golf vacation it is always safe to pack and extra pair of shoes, a sleeve or two of your favorite balls and a glove in your carry on as a just in case backup. Push comes to shove you can always buy this stuff at the pro shop but it is always cheaper to bring our own.

5. Fly Direct! If that is not possible (due to scheduling or price), aim for layovers of at least an hour to allow time for your luggage to make it to your connecting flight. It might be a little inconvenient at the airport but well worth the assurance your clubs make it from plane to plane. Think of it as a great opportunity to sit down and enjoy a beer in between planes. Just make sure not to enjoy it too much and miss the connection (me and my brother did that once and had to change our tickets to the next flight 2 hours later – what a pain).

6. Protect Your Investment: Before packing everything up in your travel bag, take a couple of pictures with time and date stamp. This way you will have a formal record of what you had in your bag. (also have handy receipts for your clubs) If you are a frequent traveler it might make sense to purchase a rider with your insurance company. It is fairly inexpensive ($30-50 a year) and is way cheaper then having to buy replacements. As mentioned in all airline liability forms – they are not liable for any damage unless the clubs are in a hard sided case. So you need to pick your poison when it comes to personal rider, hard side or soft side and which mix is best for you. I believe a high quality soft side will offer the same amount of protection as compared to a hard side but it does not come with the some liability coverage.

7. Claim Your Gear: When you arrive, go directly to the baggage area and find out where the clubs will be brought – whether they will come out the regular carousel or to an oversized baggage area. Get your clubs first, especially if they are delivered to a different area then the regular luggage.

8. Ship Your Gear: if you are going a golf vacation you can also consider shipping your gear to a friend or the place you are staying. There are speciality services that can help you but they are not cheap and retrieving your clubs can sometimes be tricky since many hotels do not do this on a regular basis and might not have standard protocol.

If any of you have other suggestions or tips on what you should or should not do when traveling with your gear we would love to hear it. Our goal here at is to help golfers find the best gear for the best deals. We also want to provide the most valuable tips and tricks to protect your gear and your game.

Considerations To Make When Choosing A Travel Destination

Considerations To Make When Choosing A Travel Destination

Traveling is truly exciting, especially when you have been planning for it for a long time. After saving your travel money and the time is finally here, it is likely that you will be lost for choices as to which destination is the best for you and one that will give you the very best to remember. With so many top travel destinations across the globe, you definitely want to make the right decision and looking at a few things can indeed help you with that.


What do you love doing? If you love art for instance, you want to find a destination that has plenty of art galleries or if you love sun and sand, then a destination that has lots of beaches should be your way to go. Sit down and evaluate what you really expect from your holiday so that it is easier for you to narrow down your search for the best destination.


How much time do you have for the holiday? If you have only a few weeks to spare for the holiday then you are better off choosing a destination that is closer to home, but if you have a month or more, then you can choose any destination you like because you have time for a long trip. You want to maximize your holiday time enjoying the destination and not travelling, hence the importance of matching your destination with the duration.


This is another very important factor to consider when choosing a travel destination. The fact is that some destinations are quite expensive compared to others just the same way some holidays are costlier than others. For example, it could be more expensive to go for a skiing holiday and staying at a ski resort than it would be going for a sightseeing trip and choosing budget hotels for your accommodation. The secret here should be to know how much money you have and the holiday options you have. Managing your travel expenses is one of the best things you can do so at least have a reasonable plan.


Unless you are going for a skiing holiday, then you definitely want to choose a destination that has friendly weather. Sunny, warm days make some of the best holidays because the climatic conditions make it possible for you to relax and enjoy the destination fully. When looking at your top travel destinations, consider how the weather will be when you plan to travel so you can make a good decision. Know the season in the country or city so that you don’t get disappointed when you are already there.


Find everything you should know about the destination from the customs, cuisine and the language. Some use their native languages and when travelling you might want to learn a few phrases or get an interpreter to make your holiday enjoyable and less confusing. Knowing the culture also makes you understand the way of life of the locals and gives you insight on how to conduct yourself while there.

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to life as newlyweds or just before marriage, one of the pleasant hardships you are bound to face is deciding where to go for the honeymoon. With so many amazing places to go to, you are bound to end up being spoiled for choice. The long list of honeymoon hotspots has seen a few additions over the last few years. With the inclusion of places like Hawaii, Maldives, Seychelles and Bahamas, the choice has become even more difficult.

Best Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

The climate, the ambiance and the number of activities you can do here, make the countries in the tropical region an ideal getaway for newlyweds. We have compiled a list of some places in the tropics which have become quite popular of late.

Hawaii: One of the most amazing places on Earth, Hawaii tops virtually every single list of honeymoon hotspots. From sandy beaches with a dramatic coastline to lush green forests with a variety of fruits, you find it all in Hawaii. The rich culture of this place adds to its unique beauty and charm. You can experience a range of activities in Hawaii, including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking or just swimming.

US Virgin Islands: The US Virgin Islands are considered to be the among the best travel destinations in the Caribbean, especially for couples. Things to do in Virgin Islands range from basking under the tropical Sun on white sandy beaches here to shopping in markets with a range of exotic items. Some of the most popular activities for this place include hiking and camping in the national forest, diving and swimming in pristine waters and enjoying shopping and nightlife.

Bali: It may take a long time to reach Bali, a far flung island in the Indian Ocean, but the efforts you put in turn out to be worth when you reach there. The exotic island offers a lot of things to do for couples on honeymoon. Even a simple walk in the lush green rice fields on this island give you the pleasure which you always long for. Another thing you can’t afford to miss when you are in Bali are the luxurious spas out here. Other things you can look forward to here are museum visits, shopping, musical evenings, rich cuisine etc.

Bora Bora: The romance and tranquility associated with Bora Bora island in French Polynesia makes it one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world. Here you can stay in exotic bungalows built over wooden pillars right in the water. Some of the must visit places here include the Matira Beach, Mount Otemanu etc. In Bora Bora, you can experience a range of activities, including scuba diving and snorkeling.

Bahamas: One of the most exquisite place in the world, the Bahamas can instigate romance even in the most unromantic person out there. It is made up of around 700 islands, which makes the nation immensely diverse and attractive. The color of water off the Bahamas coast ranges from emerald and turquoise to crystal blue. Bahamas is known for its rich natural surroundings as well as its richer nightlife. Some of the places to visit in Bahamas include the Treasure Cay Beach, North Shore Beach, Gold Rock Beach etc.

The good thing about all these tropical places is that they have everything, right from the thrill of water sports to solitude for some quality intimate moments. So you can go ahead and choose one of these tropical destinations for your honeymoon. After all, you rightly deserve a soothing experience after the hectic marriage schedule you have just gone through.

Romantic Honeymoon Vacation Ideas

Romantic Honeymoon Vacation Ideas

Any newly married couple would want their honeymoon to be one that is full of beautiful memories, which can be cherished forever. For a couple, this is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. A visit to the travel agents would throw up many options for romantic honeymoon vacation ideas. The main criterion would be to find a beautiful location, that is isolated as well. Although one may get a list of options in this regard, one may not always be satisfied in all respects. Therefore, before you plan, check out some of the ideas that are compiled below.

Alluring Destinations:

For a couple, planning a honeymoon may not always prove to be easy. An enchanting locale for one person may not really seem so to the other. While one may prefer a beach side area, the partner may prefer something exciting. Differences are always bound to be there and the trick lies in choosing something with a careful thought to planning and details. This would depend upon certain factors such as, the budget and the season you are planning to go on the vacation.

Hawaii is known as the best destination for newly married couples. This place with its scenic locales and sunny weather is ideal for beach lovers.

Mexico is also preferred by most newly weds due to the picturesque backdrops and the variety of places to explore. This is also a great place to shop!

Italy also ranks high on the list of many newly wedded couples. A trip out here would truly be a romantic and classy affair.

The Bahamas is an ideal destination for newly weds looking for cool, clear blue water and lots of entertainment as well. The Bahamas can give you loads of options in terms of entertainment, water sports, and scuba diving. You can also get a glimpse of the coral reefs.

Ireland is also rated as an ideal destination. This beautiful and exotic place has picturesque settings with a historical backdrop as well.

Adding a Special Touch to Your Honeymoon:

You can turn your holiday into a completely memorable one, by adding a personal touch to show that you care. This is the time when you can get really intimate and express your feelings in many subtle ways.

Most destinations are not exactly as secluded as you may have thought them to be. If both the partners love hiking, plan a picnic, and select a spot where you can enjoy complete privacy.

How about watching the sunrise together? One morning, you can wake up early and select a particular spot to watch the sunrise together. If the early hours are not really suiting you, you can even go for a long walk in the moonlight. Use this time to share and discover more things about each other.

Ensure that the hotel has a Jacuzzi, which you can decorate personally by placing some scented candles and rose petals all over.

Make your partner feel special by planning little presents for him/her everyday. Be innovative and choose special moments to give the same.

Give your partner that much-needed massage. If you are really good, you might just get a massage in return!

Surprise your partner with a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers everyday. Their fragrance can linger on when you are back from your honeymoon; every time you gift him/her these flowers, it would bring back memories of the great time you had together.

These are just a few ideas that can help to add some fun and intimacy for your entire outing. Use your creativity to make it more romantic so that each and every day turns out to be a memorable one.